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  Minister Alfie B. Jelks, the second child of three siblings, reared in a single parent home by their mother, Laura West,was born March 14,1968 in Tuskegee,AL. He has one son. Alfie attended school in the Muscogee County School District, graduating from Kendrick High School in 1986.

  Alfie continued his education at Chattahooche Valley Community College earning an AS(1995) in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation.   AT Troy University he earned a BS(2005) in Theology. and a  MDiv 2015 from Great Plains Baptist Divinty School.

  On November 9,2009,Alfie was commission in the United States Army Reserve as a chaplain.


  In 2000, he began his humanitarian journey to Jinja,Uganda with only one credit card, no sponsors, and no personal ties to anyone there; needless to say, this task was simply faith-driven. Seeking to literally clothe the naked. feed the hungry, and teach and preach faith and hope to the  weary and downtrodden, Alfie made a second trip to Africa in 2001. He made additional trips in 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 , but not before getting the city of Columbus and surrounding areas involved. As a result, over one thousand pairs of shoes were donated to the people of Jinja, Uganda.


  Alfie opened Alfie's African Treasures in June of 2001,selling rare and unique African artifacts and Greek/fraternal paraphernalia. Due to the quick success of the boutique, Alfie created other avenues to impact the city by establishing "Alfie's African Treasures Annual Cultural Show", providing a stage for African Americans to display their gifts and talents, exposing the youth to African culture. Alfie has spent a tremendously amount of time going into the Muscogee County Schools and other organizations, including Boys and Girls Club, Big Brother Big Sisters of Columbus, Wellness Center, Columbus State University's African Student  Organization, Black History Museum, and the Anne Elizabeth Shepherd Home, teaching their audiences about African culture.


   Alfie's mantra is " People should desire to be great and not just successful, because great people serve others, while successful people only serve themselves."


Vice President of Uganda

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